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We are the largest U.S.-headquartered drybulk shipping company. Through our in-house commercial operating platform, we provide a full-service logistics solution for the transportation of commodities worldwide using a diversified fleet of modern, fuel-efficient vessels. Our “barbell” approach to fleet composition combines upside potential of Capesize vessels, which concentrate on major bulk cargoes, with the more stable earnings stream of minor bulk vessels, while giving us exposure to all of the commodities carried onboard drybulk vessels worldwide. Our diverse fleet, combined with the financial strength of our balance sheet, provide a strong foundation for our value strategy, which is aimed at generating long term shareholder value. We empower our employees through upward mobility and invest in our team members every step of the way.


Our mission of building an organization that concentrates on achieving the highest level of integrity has translated into measurable results. We aim to deliver superior returns to our shareholders while maintaining a high level of transparency and stringent corporate governance standards. We are headquartered in New York, file as a U.S. domestic public company and have been rated #1 amongst shipping companies in an industry wide corporate governance and ESG scorecard.

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Disciplined Approach to Balance Sheet Management

Over the last several years, Genco has implemented a disciplined approach towards allocating capital maintaining among the lowest leverage positions in its drybulk peer group. Given the cyclicality of the business, this approach has been prudent in light of the unique events that have materialized in recent years. With this solid financial foundation in place together with a strong freight rate environment currently, Genco has implemented a comprehensive value strategy centered around low financial leverage, growing its fleet through the acquisition of high quality, fuel efficient vessels and paying a compelling quarterly dividend.

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Shipping is a fuel-efficient and cost-effective form of transportation crucial to global trade. Many of the raw materials that we carry are building blocks of economic activity and also play a key role in alleviating poverty while providing a source of income and job creation for many developing nations.

As one of the largest drybulk shipping companies in the world, Genco recognizes the need to run a safe and responsible business built for the long-term. We regularly integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices into our operational and strategic decision making. As such, we aim to meet and, if possible and appropriate for our business, exceed minimum compliance levels set forth in rules and regulations governing the maritime industry. Over the last several years, we have taken various steps to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the environment, which includes purchasing modern, fuel-efficient vessels while divesting of older less fuel-efficient tonnage, among other important investments made to our sizeable fleet. Download our ESG Sustainability Report for further detail regarding key initiatives executed by the Genco team.