Retaining a World-Class Team of Professionals

Genco operates global offices in New York, Singapore, and Copenhagen as well as our technical management joint venture in Chennai, India. We foster an inclusive work environment, employing a gender and culturally diverse team of people. 

We empower our employees.

We provide employees with upward mobility potential and invest in them through continuing professional development programs and professional certifications.

Building a Strong Safety Culture

We lead several initiatives emphasizing safety, reliability, and quality across all our operations including:

  • Partnering with MER Solutions to mitigate operational risk by performing third-party vessel audits 
  • Conducting a loss prevention seminar for all captains and chief engineers of our vessels
  • Emphasizing crew wellness as an integral part of daily operations to provide a high level of support to our sailors 
  • Promoting a strong safety culture through increased awareness and incident prevention strategies


We view every customer interaction as an opportunity to further demonstrate our safety culture, with procedures and protocols in place to identify risk. We will continue to improve through shared learning, embracing different perspectives, and challenging our own views. We have set targets with a goal of zero accidents and ISM Code non-conformities.

Drybulk shipping plays a vital role in global development.

  • Drybulk shipping moves building blocks for daily life (including raw materials like iron ore used in steelmaking) in large scale around the world in a cost-effective, fuel-efficient way. It helps alleviate extreme poverty and hunger by providing a source of income for people in many developing countries.

Extending Social Responsibility

Our employees are involved in a variety of volunteer efforts including Christmas at Sea, beach cleanups, maritime education support, and contributions to the US delegation of the Marine Environment Protection Committee. We also strive to make a difference in our local communities and help others through active participation in the groups below.